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The handling sector includes the construction of equipment and machinery for automation, positioning and lifting (such as forklifts, automatic palletizers, waste compactors, etc.); in this section you can find our products used in this branch.
The applications of industrial handling are multiple, for example these above mentioned types of machinery can use steel profiles for bearings in which special axial radio bearings slide, and are used on the large capacity forklifts.

In addition to the single and most common combined bearing, we also supply bearing plates as well as chain pulleys, radial bearings, plain bearings, etc.
All the products in this section are supplied both in the various "standard" formats present in the catalogue, and can be produced with a specific project customized to the specific needs of the customer.


Finally, in addition to the products and services listed above, we can also supply the following products, also used in the handling of medium and heavy loads:

  • Bearings for turntables

  • Bearings for cranes

  • Bearings for overhead rail conveyors

  • Bearings for automatic palletizers

  • Bearings for telescopic forks

  • Bearings for forklift masts

  • Heavy Lift Bearings

  • Bearings for industrial and port handling