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Wind sector

Peculiarities of applications in the wind sector:

  • Continuous dynamic loads for long periods (which generate significant mechanical stresses) both axial and radial

  • bending moments of the rotor shaft


these factors need application with two roller bearings where, for smaller turbines, the counter-bearing can be constituted by the reducer. For turbines of greater power, tapered rollers with two rows can be provided, or for larger dimensions two single ones mounted back to back in combination with a free cylindrical roller bearing.


Other types of bearings used in this field are spherical roller bearings used in gearboxes to convert the low speed of the motor into the high speed of the generator in which bearings are needed that support continuous load variations that stress them with strong concentrated loads, when stationary, or very slow, conditions that lead to insufficient lubrication and therefore more sliding friction. All factors to be evaluated during the design phase, also taking into account the weight and height at which these organs work.