CUSCINETTI SPECIALI per l’industria siderurgica

SPECIAL BEARINGS for steel and iron industry

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English (UK)


The ISO 9001: 2015 certification

The ISO 9001: 2015 certification proves Distitec ability to respond professionally, congruently and exhaustively to customer requests. For this reason, many buyers require ISO 9001 certified suppliers to minimize the risks of purchasing non-compliant products or services. A certified company will be able to achieve significant improvements in terms of organizational efficiency and product quality by minimizing waste, avoiding errors and increasing productivity.


patented cage

In the field of rolling mills we have conceived a patented cage which is mounted in our 4-row cylindrical roller bearings (multirow-multiroll / multi-track) for the necks of hot and non-hot rolling mills cylinders, with consequent improvement of the functionality of the bearing, guaranteeing better performances in terms of load capacity, speed and consequently in duration. These bearings are characterized by higher load ratings and admissible speeds than traditional bearings, while ensuring every match and interchangeability.

egistered trademark

Distitec® is a registered trademark. This trademark was filed in 2017 with the "European Union Intellectual Property Office". This guarantees the originality of the products and services offered by Distitec®.

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