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Steel Industry

The steel industry includes multiple applications and ways of use. We specialized above all in the design and customized construction of back-up rolls for the processing of metal sheet of different materials and thicknesses, including stainless steel, pressure rollers, back-up rollers with pin (stub), stainless steel back-up rolls, etc. These special bearings are used as back-up rollers on tension levellers cassettes.

Our strength, as mentioned, is to guarantee a highly customized service. The goal is to provide the customer with a customized solution for his needs, without having to conform to standard products normally available on the market.

Furthermore, our experience in the sector allows us to integrate, through a continuous interaction with the customer, the required customization with professional consultancy in the design phase.

“It is the product that must conform to the customer’s needs, not the customer’s needs to a standard product”

We produce bearings for rolling mills, the so-called multirow (multi-track) – multiroll bearings (in regards to which we have developed and registered a special patent), multirow tapered roller bearings, multirow cylindrical roller bearings, bearings for conveyor belts and for coils’ handling, etcMultirow are used on milling cylinders the necks. Our range includes bearings for agglomeration furnaces.

The range of products used in this branch is completed by spherical roller bearings, idler pins, wheels, tapered roller bearings, etc. Even for rollers, back-up rollers and wheels, everything starts with the design and the related 2D and / or 3D drawings, according to the customer’s needs.

Once the materials and parts have been received from qualified suppliers, the various components of the back-up rollers (for example) are tested with certified measuring equipment, then assembled by an efficient assembly sector to form the final bearing which will be further tested to verify its compliance. of operation and dimension, respecting the customer’s specifications and the regulations in force on special rolling bearings.