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Cardan and Mechanical transmissions

Cardan Transmissions

In cardan transmissions, these bearings are used on the joints of transmission shafts in the automotive sector and also for special uses in various sectors of industry. The full complement or cage roller cases can be open with a closed end with a bottom, and the heat-treated outer ring is obtained through precision deep padding, cold forged or stamped.


Mechanical Transmissions

The motorized rotation groups with worm screw are typically used in the sectors of large solar energy systems (trackers and centring devices) and wind power, truck cranes and towers of aerial platforms and the marine sector.
They allow to exploit the maximum transmission torque between drive and rotation, they have an optimized screw for gripping the maximum number of teeth for an increased life, standard flange for electric or hydraulic drives, when required for high torques, double drives can be provided lives.