Technical specifications for handlings bearings



Technical specifications for handlings bearings

Technical specifications for handlings bearings


Combined and radial bearings for handling have the following technical characteristics:

Outer ring, axial bearing and washer are manufactured in Case-hardening steel type16NiCr4, 20CrMnTi, 16MnCr5. This kind of steels guarantees a very good resistance to stress, and assures a very good resistance against crashes. The surface hardness can reach 60-2 HRC for both of them.

Inner ring and axial stud are manufactured in core-hardened steel 100Cr6. The total-hardening steel guarantees high resistance to wear and stress; both of them reach 60±2 HRc.

“ZRS” seal system used in these bearings prevents outer agents, such as dust,, wet and mill scale, to enter the inner part of the bearing, and at the same time it prevents the leakage of lubrication grease.

The central stud is made in structural steel of quality Fe 510C (St. 52-3 U) or steel with low carbon C45 based on various applications.

The axial supports, adjustable in various ways, are executed in low carbon steel C45.