Technical features



Material: core hardened steel 100Cr6 (UNI 3097 – WNr. 1.3505) or 100CrMo7 (WNr.1.3507) according to the sizes.

On request and for special applications they can be manufactured in hardening steel.

Heat treatment : detente ( annealing of workability), hardening and tempering.

These treatments will be always performed ensuring a stabilization SZ0 ( for use of bearings without dilatation of the rings until temperatures of 150°). On request these treatments can be performed ensuring a final stabilization SZ1 & SZ2.

SZ1- for functioning without dilatation of the rings until 200° ( suffix SZ1)

SZ2– for functioning without dilatation of the rings until 250° ( suffix SZ2).

Hardness : 58/62 HRc

To improve the functioning of the cage ( see the following paragraph) all the outer rings produced by DISTITEC they have the central edge ( see paragraph relating to available executions ) rectified.


Material : brass generic ZnZCu40Pb2

Rollers bearings with several rows, that are available at the moment on the market ,are provided according to the execution with two massive side-to-side brass cages guided on rolls, with pivots steel cages ( and related drilled rollers) or with massive brass cages with alveolus for two row.

New execution DISTITEC

Technical featuresMassive side-to-side cages (fig. 1) produced by DISTITEC are manufactured with important changes according to the execution available at the moment on the market. These changes ensuring an optimal functioning of the cage that is an important and essential component for the good functioning of rolling bearings. A cage that is quickly manufactured can cause the early death of the rolling system and consequently of the bearing itself. Massive cages we had studied and patented, regarding the procedure of the manufacturing, they have the following changes according to the executions currently in use:

– Production process in several stages in order to minimize to the minimum the internal tensions of the cage.

– Outer central edge retified : it ensures the cage will be guided correctly on the inner central edge in the outer ring( it is retified as well). It ensures the cages to minimize to the minimum the power lost by sliding friction reducing the temperature of bearing operation .

The superficial treatment of silvering electrolytic that improves the superficial finishing of the cage and also of alveolus that will guide rollers will reduce considerably the friction generated between them during the operation. These changes we made make massive cages, produced by DISTITEC, a product technologically advanced according to the executions currently in use.


Material: core-hardened steel 100Cr6 (UNI 3097)

On request they can be manufactured in gardening steel (drilled rollers).

Thermic treatment : détente (annealing of workability), hardening and tempering.

Hardness : 60/64 HRc

Rollers used in these bearings will have a possible minimum outer logarithmic profile suitable to absorb a possible misalignment of housings and the neck of the cylinder where bearings will be housed and keyed. Moreover these rollers will be manufactured ensuring form tolerances of the outer profile including in a micron. It will ensure a better work charge distribution reducing the specific pressure.

Technical features