Executions and provisions


Executions and provisions


Execution with an high abutment and a low one for the outer ring and with two high abutments for the inner ring .




Balls oblique contact bearings DISTITEC can be combined in several positions, that they change according to the degree of stiffness and requirements for the charge set up by the application. Possible provisions are illustrated in the following figures, where it is also specified suffixes that are used in denominations of groups of bearings side by side.

Executions and provisionsDispositions of bearings “o” (back to back)

In the dispositions “O” load lines diverge towards bearing axis. Axial loads are allowed in both directions, but only on one bearing or group of bearings in each directions. ”O” assembled bearings ensure a quite stiff disposition that can support also tilting moments.

Bearings disposition “X” ( face to face)

In the dispositions “X”(face to face) the load lines converge towards the bearing axis. The axial loads are allowed in both directions, but only on one bearing or one group of bearings in each directions.

Disposition of tandem bearings

The load axial capacity of a bearings disposition can be increased integrating bearings in tandem disposition. In the tandem dispositions bearings the load lines are parallels, so the radial and axial loads are equally deployed among the bearings of the group. These groups of bearings can support axial loads that act in only one direction. If the axial loads act in an opposite direction, or with combined loads, further bearings could be integrated, combined with a tandem disposition.