Technical specifications for single cylindrical back-up rollers



Technical specifications for single cylindrical back up rollers

Technical specifications for single cylindrical back up rollers




Single cylindrical back-up rollers for metal flattening machines and straightening plates have the following characteristics:

The outer and inner ring is supplied in 100Cr6 core hardened steel (UNI 3097) that can reach hardness 60-2 HRC. Once seen the condition of coupling with working cylinders, the degree of hardness can be reduced to 53 HRc for those bearings for the flattening of very thin sheets.

The profile of the outer ring is usually cambered in order to optimize the distribution of the applied load. For the outer rings of large thickness is used 100CrMo7.3 (UNI 3097) core hardened steel. On request are performed particular hardening. Inner ring presents holes for internal periodic lubrication.

The full-complement of cylindrical rollers ensures the highest load capacity possible. The seal system can be either with screens formed by metal rings or through the radial seal with steel sliding parts in NBR or FKM.

Precision class generally is P0 (DIN 620); on request the rollers can be manufactured with precision class P5 or P6. On request, they can be manufactured in stainless steel.