Technical specifications for pressure rolls



Technical specifications for pressure rolls

Technical specifications for pressure rolls



Pressure rolls have the following technical characteristics:

The outer ring and the inner ring are manufactured in core-hardened 100CrMo7 (UNI 3097) steel.

This type of steel guarantees an excellent distribution of corehardening. In order to increase the resistance to wear – due to high load and contamination of outer agents – pressure rolls usually undergo bainitic temper treatment with the following suffixes: BH1 means bainitic temper of both rings, BH2 means bainitic temper only of the outer ring.

The degree of hardness can reach 60+2 HRc. Pressure rolls usually work at high temperatures, therefore they undergo stabilization treatment up to 250° C.

The sealing system foresees the presence of O-ring made FKM material (VITON), which are inserted in the proper grooves on the inner ring. The seals allow the bearing to be disassembled, they prevent the entrance of contaminating agents and in the meantime, the leakage of lubricant.