Special bearings for steel industry

Special bearings for steel industry

This section talks about the range of products offered by our company for the iron and steel industry and for the mechanical engineering in general.

Basing our work on the outsourcing production (our subcontractors are equipped with the most innovative machinery for high-precision parts), our company provides products mainly used for tension levelers used to straighten steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum and other alloys, ie single back-up rolls, back-up rolls with pivot, pressure rollers, full complement cylindrical roller bearings wheels. In addition to these items, Distitec provides products for the mechanical industry in general, and especially: turntables, solar panels, wind turbines, welding robots, etc.

These bearings operate in heavy conditions, such as high load capacity, high temperatures, high or very low speeds, as well as in environments contaminated by water, debris and dust.

DISTITEC seeks to promote the regular functioning of the plant even in the most difficult conditions, trying to reduce maintenance costs while ensuring a longer life for the rollers.

The iron and steel industry is the latest challenge that DISTITEC has set out to tackle. Technology is continuously improving, and DISTITEC has recently achieved excellent technology and quality results regarding back-up rolls, back-up rolls with pivot for levelling machines and straightening of sheet metal, rolling mills and conveyor belts. Back-up rolls, like other kind of bearings produced by DISTITEC, enhance the heavy working conditions of the above mentioned systems.

In this section you can find out technical sheets and features of our products. We strongly suggest you to consult with our technical department for more detailed information.