Sectors and Machinery

Distitec S.r.l. offers a wide range of customized products and services, designed ad hoc for the customer, addressed to different sectors of application of mechanics and in particular for:

Iron and steel industry and metallurgy: we design and manufacture back-up rolls for the processing of metal sheets of different materials and thicknesses, also in stainless steel, pressure rollers, back-up rollers with cylindrical rollers, back-up rollers with stud, back-up rollers in stainless steel, etc.


We also produce bearings for rolling mills, the so-called Multirow (multi-track) - multiroll bearings (for which we have developed and registered a special patent that guarantees better performance in terms of functionality, load capacity, speed and duration), axial tapered roller bearings for rolling mills , multirow cylindrical roller bearings, bearings for conveyor belts and for handling of coils, etc.


Handling: in this sector, equipment and machinery for automation, positioning and lifting are built, which are sometimes moved by steel profiles, in which special axial radio bearings slide. These bearings are also used for forklifts. We also supply fixing plates for bearings and pulleys for chains, ball bearings, plain bearings.
Machine tools, automation and measuring instruments: among our products we include basic bearings (including slewing rings with one, two, triple row rollers and one, two crowns of balls and YRT) with external and internal or idle teething ; ball bearings, barrel spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, precision bearings, etc.
Paper industry: multirow bearings for the necks of milling cylinders are also used in various sectors of the paper industry.
Wind sector: slewing bearings (slewing rings) are also used in the wind sector.
Cardanic and mechanical transmissions: roller cases, rotation groups.


At the same time we deal with the design of bearings for cutting processing frames and slab loading systems for the marble industry, waste compacting vehicles in the ecological sector and some components in the naval sector.


In this section there is a direct reference to each product’s corresponding technical sheet, according to the belonging sector.