Rollers, stud type roller bearings and yoke track rollers

Rollers, Stud Type roller bearings and Yoke Type track rollers have the following features in common:

full complement of cylindrical rollers, outer ring of high thickness to increase the rigidity - and therefore the load capacity - and to withstand the stresses (impacts, even repeated), due to the particular conditions of use (i.e. if they operate in direct contact with the surfaces of work);

geometry with double guide edge to the rollers, a system which, when suitably sized, allows to absorb even significant stresses in the axial direction;

Convex outside diameter for better load distribution and to compensate any possible mounting misalignments, while decreasing the Hertzian contact pressures.

These bearings can be lubricated through holes on the pin or inner ring and the Stud Type can (on request) be equipped with eccentric adjustment bushings; they are also equipped with various types of seals in materials suitable for the specific working conditions.