Plain bearings



  1. Requiring maintenance, whose components provide a sliding coupling for the materials steel on steel (or steel on bronze) with lubrication possible through the external and / or internal ring, which is suitable for applications subject to impacts with alternating and small radial loads , bidirectional axial loads.
  2. In the maintenance-free version, between the outer and inner ring there is a layer of sliding material, which by reducing friction to minimum values ​, also leads to a decrease in wear, increasing the operating life, thus reducing interventions and costs of lubrication and maintenance ; they are suitable for dynamic loads.





Plain bearings


This bearings consist of a threaded terminal which can be male or female with a ball joint, whose characteristics and operation are similar, here too there are two version:

  1. Requiring maintenance, which are suitable for alternating radial loads, absorbing them traction or compression forces and transmitting them with minimum friction.
  2. The maintenance-free rod ends work the same way but for slow movements with low angles of oscillation, single-sided loads and for certain versions also for alternating loads; also in this case they require reduced re-lubrication or maintenance.






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