Combined bearings for steel profiles – fix and adjustable

Combined bearings for steel profiles – fix and adjustable

Combined bearing are made of a main bearing intended to withstand radial loads, and, thanks to a pin, it was possible to integrate a contrast element that can absorb the stresses acting axially with respect to the principle bearing, giving life to a very compact unit capable of high load capacities, easy to handle, as it does not have parts that can be removed accidentally.


It can be lubricated and integrate a registration systems and sliding axial contrasts; easily assembled by welding in its seat (or by means of suitable plates with or without lubricating holes according to customer’ need)


The shape of the external diameter shows an appropriate taper that copies the shape of the target profiles and also a curvature designed to obtain a better distribution of loads.


These bearings are protected by seals, or watertight metal sheets, appropriate for special working conditions and they can also be provided in stainless steel where required.


Combined bearings are mainly used for forklifts’ masts and in handling systems where, in some cases, they represent cheaper alternatives for conveyor systems.


Distitec – in accordance with the customer’s needs – can study and offer highly customized solutions.