Rolling Bearing

Distitec S.r.l. has been operating in the field of special rolling bearings for about ten years. Rolling bearings are used in the world of industrial mechanics to cope with various applications in many sectors; they can be catalogued in models, measures, and be intended for different fields of application depending on the reason for which it is decided to use them.
They are subject to the regulation of international standards (including ISO 9001 – TÜV InterCert) which first allow their classification and identification, then interchangeability.

They can be standard or special: this is where Distitec gets in the game and makes its knowledge available: it mainly addresses the demands of the steel industry, metallurgy, industrial handling and machine tools.

To design special rolling bearings, or even just to identify the right bearing for your sector or application (to which entire sections of our website are dedicated) it is necessary to have a series of specific technical information, such as construction materials , precisions class, execution, hardness, etc.


The construction of a Distitec® product goes through some basic steps.


It all starts with the design and the related 2D and / or 3D drawing, according to the customer's needs.

The materials are purchased from certified and qualified suppliers, and for most of the orders they are processed by subcontractors with many years of expertise in the metal processing such as turning, milling, grinding and lapping.

Once received, the components are tested with certified measuring equipment, then assembled by an efficient assembly department team, to form the final bearing that will be further tested to verify its functioning and size conformity, according customer specifications and current rolling bearings standards.

efficacy, i.e. the quality of the product or service

efficiency, i.e. aiming at containing costs and times

elasticity, i.e. always providing a response to change