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Radial four-row cylindrical roller bearings for rolling mills

Radial four-row cylindrical roller bearings are used almost exclusively in rolling mills. They have lower friction compared the other roller bearings and are particularly suitable for uses which require high speeds. The reduced dimensions of the radial part of these bearings allow the adoption of “necks” of larger diameter compared to the mill cylindrical roll. In this context Distitec has designed, developed and patented a multirow bearing, which is a special cage mounted in our four row cylindrical roller bearings for hot and cold rolling mills. This cage leads to a better bearing functionality with improvements on the load capacity, speed, and consequently time, maintaining a perfect interchangeability with all the existing bearings on the market. In particular, the new DISTITEC execution meets the following requirements: The massive cages of our production are built in a different way compared to those with currently available execution on the market. These modifications ensure an optimum work of the cage which is an essential and fundamental component for the proper functioning of rolling bearings. A cage built quickly and with brutal workings can originate the premature death of the rolling system and also of the bearing itself. The massive cages we have studied and patented, for what concers the manufacturing procedure, differ from the executions currently in use for:

Process of production in different stages in order to minimize the internal stress of the cage.

Central external adjusted border: this modification guarantees the cage to be guided over the inside of outer ring flange (which has been rectified, too). This allows the cage to minimize the power lost during the sliding friction, reducing the bearing operating temperature.