In addition to machining services on bearings, the experience gained in our field and the machinery we own allow us to work the steel guides too. The main available processes are:

Lamination is the process of creating the profiles, the semi-finished material is heated and made to flow through a series of cages that shape it until it reaches the desired shape. Subsequently, the product can undergo a cold rolling which allows to minimize the friction of the processing on the surface and consequently also the dissipation of energy.

Welding is performed to create unique and customized bodies and can also be made on the guides, creating the welded and milled profiles. It is often performed, according to the customer's needs, also to join the axial radio combined bearings to the respective fixing plates.

The Milling allows to work the standard profiles and to personalize them; in particular it allows to remove the superficial part of the product to make it much more adequate to the specific requests; thanks to this process, from simple rolled profiles, the guides become machined in order to allow good precision and a good coupling between bearings and profile / guide.