Thanks to a machinery inventory acquired and implemented in recent years, we are able to perform some types of mechanical processing internally, such as grinding and turning; among tools we have:


Saw used to cut to size small and round profiles in 100Cr6 and 18NiCrMo4 steel

CNC lathe through which we create "raw" products suitable for heat treatment

Centreless grinding used for the production of cylindrical rollers, conical rollers and more generally cylindrical bodies

Flat grinding machine used to obtain flat and uniform surfaces

Internal grinding that allows to process the internal surfaces of cylindrical bodies and create external rings and mantles

External grinding with spindle and tailstocks to finish the external parts

Our equipment can carry out processing within a certain dimensional range; we also rely on expert subcontractors and suppliers to work and process every product which is dimensionally outside our range of production ;this cooperation allows us to realize a huge variety of special and customized products for every need.

We also carry out mechanical constructions such as forklifts’ lifting mast, thanks to some sector specialists’ support.

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