Pressure rolls


DISTITEC S.R.L. PRESSURE ROLLS  derive from full complement  cylindrical rollers bearings

The outer ring shows three entire borders, one section and one outer surface which is highly resistant to wear.

The inner ring is made of two parts, each one has an entire border expressly developed in order to bear high axial thrusts, in addition to radial loads. Pressure rolls do not need maintenance.

Originally they are used in the continuous furnaces of sintering plants. They are massive bearings ready to be fixed, are also suitable for all applications where are present high loads and the direction of rotation is reversed often, or there are low speeds.

Pressure rolls

Pressure rolls

C = Radial dynamic loadrating

C0 = Radial static load rating

Cw= Radial dyamic load rating as a roller

C0w= Radial static load rating as a roller


BH1 = Bainitic hardening on inner and outer ring

BH2 = Bainitic hardening on outer ring

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