How we are maintaining a sustainable growth over a decade

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July 23, 2018
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September 19, 2018
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How we are maintaining a sustainable growth over a decade



As Distitec, we are particularly expert in wide range of special bearings with various business network connections all over the world by collaboration of very young, talented and dynamic team, located in Italy. Considering this sincere, reliable and exquisite environment, we are confident in resolving any prerequisites by showing dedication and quality in our work.

We have been focusing on projects and the production of wide range of solutions including Steel Industry, Material Handling, Heavy Industry products and tools, regarding; High precision bearings, Back-up rollers, Combined bearings and Customized special bearings by sustaining an exponential growth in the market and offering diversity of specific products for our customers. We have been outsourcing on customers’ specific requirements and interests; considering that strategy, we can access to a vast range of machineries which can meet the needs regarding both bearing cost and technical prerequisites.

“Our priority has been set to maintain a customer commitment among our businesses where we sensitively care about driving direct engagement throughout collaboration.”

Our customer-oriented approach is thriving a strong relationship with our customers and clients and let us be a unique reference on the market through a custom-made service based on the needs of the manufactures or customers; not only in terms of productivity and quality, but also particularly more substantial issues -including essential matters such as abiding and respecting the delivery terms. Additionally, our Company is certified by TUV IterCert with ISO 9001: 2015 standards and operates in excellent quality system which allows us to comply with standards and expected requirements. Besides that, we have patented a new method of production for bearings for rolling mills, with International Publication number WO 2015/055837 A1, where it is regarding a method for manufacturing a cage for bearings of shoulders of rolling mill cylinders which compromises special steps during machining. For more detailed information, you may easily and directly contact us with the information provided below.

With our immense production capability, organization forming and logistic flexibility; we can provide competitive and specifically personalized solutions. Some of our partnerships are listed as: Slim Aluminium SpA, ATP Srl, MEP SpA, Lift-Tek SpA, Bottero SpA (from Italy); SP2I Ferroviaire SarL, TVH Parts NV, SC Metalne Konstrukcije d.o.o

We are assured, promising and committed to establish a virtuous business relationship for any possible cooperation that could be positive and favorable for both sides in the future, regarding special bearings, back-up rollers or any need of our solutions for your businesses. In order to get more insight about our company Distitec, please kindly contact us for further assistance; we would gladly discuss more in detail. Thank you very much for your time, looking forward to your positive collaboration.

You can also follow us on Distitec LinkedIn Profile, please visit our webpage with these links to discover more about our activities.

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