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May 16, 2019
DSTR 4415 and DSTR 4416 – Back-up rolls with stud
February 17, 2021
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Distitec’s core business



Distitec is particularly expert in a wide range of special bearings with various business network all over the world by collaboration of very young, talented and dynamic team, located in Italy. The Company is specialized in back-up rolls for steel and iron industry, special bearings for handling, bearings for rolling mills or any need of our solutions for your businesses. In order to give you more insight about our Company, here below you can find our solutions in the fields of industries:

For Steel Plant

Special bearings to support the rolling mill rolls

– Bearings for elevating equipment and handling of steel ladles and coils

Tension leveler for Sheet Metal in Steel Coils

– Special back-up roll bearings for tension leveler, hardening machines and cutting lines

Profiles (steel sections) for Forklifts

– Special bearings suitable for Hoesch profiles

– Special bearings for forklifts and stacker crane uprights (profiles)

– Special bearings for retractable forklifts

– Special bearings pursuant to the customer’s needs

Evacuation Systems for Steel Industry

– Motor-powered roller benches for pallet movement

– Motor-powered roller benches for pallet rotation and overturning        

Steel Reels Winders and Unwinders

– Bearings for the Steel Reels to feed tension leveling, hardening and cutting lines

Special Industrial Axles

– Special radial and radial-axial bearings for axles

Feeder Machines for Fire Bricks

– Elevation and material handling equipment for bricks used for cooking and drying ovens

Ecological Waste Collection Vehicles

– Movable parts in street washing and sweeping trucks, on board trash cart (waste container) lifters.

Machines for Packaging Fruit and Vegetables

– Elevators at the beginning-end of the packaging line, also used in palletizers

Machinery for Quarries and Mine Extraction

– For the movement of horizontal and vertical band saws

– Special rollers for sliding inside Hoesch profiles

– In the most varied applications on Tunnel Boring Machines (mole), for supporting purposes.

– Cantilevered telescopic equipment on sawing machines, panel saws and bundle squaring machines

Machinery for Processing Paper and Cardboard

– Special support bearings

Packaging Machines

– Wrapping machines with stretch film, also used in palletizers

Services Offered to the Sheet Metal Processing Market

– Regeneration of rollers and tension leveler cylinders

Press Feeders

–  Rollers for support for incoming and outgoing sheet blades for molding press machines and/or bending press machines

Aluminum Drawing Plants

– Bearings for lifting and handling equipment of raw bars to be drawn and for bars already drawn

DISTITEC SRL – info@distitec.it – www.distitec.com

Distitec’s core business