Axial cylindrical roller bearings

Axial cylindrical roller bearings are composed of two lateral washers centred respectively one on the shaft (WS series) and one in the housing (GS series), and of a cage which can be made of different materials depending on the use and working conditions, with rollers or needles . They have reduced axial dimensions, high stiffness and unidirectional axial load capacity. There are also double-acting for bidirectional axial loads whose geometry makes use of a central washer that can be guided as needed on the pin or in the housing, which together with two side washers of appropriate series and two roller / needle cages allows this type of operation.

Distitec can provide solutions with washer and cages made according to the special needs of the customer who may need customization in terms of shape, size and load capacity.



Washer (for housing and for shaft) made of 100Cr6 (UNI 3097) and 100CrMo7 (UNI 3097) fully hardened steel based on their size and on request in 16MnCr5 and 16CrNi4 (UNI 7846) and 18NiCrMo5 (UNI 7846) case hardening steel ) according to the size. The hardness they can reach is 60 + 2 HRc.

The depth of the "hard" area, for the rings in case-hardening, varies from 0.8 / 1 mm and increases with the size of the bearing and therefore the loads to be supported. Cylindrical rollers made of 100Cr6 (UNI 3097) steels with hardness that can reach 65 HRc and are built according to DIN 5402 standard relating to these parts.

Cages made of brass or bronze and on request , made of construction steel, subject to phosphating surface treatment.

The precision class of this type is P0 according to DIN 620 but on request they can be performed with higher precision up to class P4 (DIN 620).