Slewing rings


The slewing rings are used for several applications in many industrial sectors, whenever it is required to rotate a structural part with reference to another one around a univocal axis, thus ensuring the connection between the two parts. DISTITEC S.R.L. makes slewing rings in several variants, which meet almost every request from the market. The application sectors of our slewing rings range from the mining industry to the off-shore technology, from the steel industry to the more traditional handling and lifting of materials, as well as the mechanical industry in general.

The products are built in compliance with the general standards related to roller bearings; the employed materials and treatments ensure good function and long lasting. The photos show some examples of the use of our slewing rings.

This catalogue only shows the numerous standard executions that DISTITEC S.R.L. can provide upon request also in small quantities (single pieces), as well as the minimum and maximum size that we can provide according to the machinery capacity. Also, the technical characteristics of the products are briefly explained.
For more detailed information please refer to the dedicated catalogue of the slewing rings, or visit our website / for further technical information and feasibility requests please contact our technical department.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]